Saturday, May 26, 2012

Purchased a new chamber

Check out the new camera we bought. We are excited to be able to deliver better quality photos of our crafts, costumes, and props in the near future.
We bought the camera because we were tired of taking pictures from our phones and crappy digital cameras. We needed MORE!
We also bought it so we would be able to travel and take photos of costumes (Mainly Link photos) in faraway places on our schedule rather than a photographers and have to pay insane travel fees. 
Also, no one knows what you want out of a picture better than you do.

"The Boots" official Tiki Crafts Mascot #1

"The Trouser" official Tiki Crafts Mascot #2
If you would like to know more, simply go here Sony Nex 3 review to check out all the cool features.

Th review I linked s for the nex 5 but its pretty much the same except for a slight difference in video quality

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