Tuesday, December 13, 2011

For Freedom!!!!!

In my first post, I mentioned that I would be making kilts for an event called Tough Mudder. Here is a video that explains the event: http://toughmudder.com/video/. Nine of us decided that we would go with a Brave Heart theme and so I was asked to make kilts. I made 3 of them, 2 did wear kilts and the other 3 were made by Danish's boyfriend. Here I posted pictures of the 3 I made, sorry for the poor photos they were taken in a rush right before we left for the race.
 This is the one I made for myself: I wasn't too happy with it, I like the ones I made for the boys better. I did a simple waist band with two buttons on the side and left that side open with a slit for range of motion. The skirt has some pleads in the front, but the pictures make them hard to see. I ironed them, but they didn't stay very long except for there they are sewed at the top.I should have used some startch, or some interfacing or something to make them more permanent.

This is actually the first one I made, and I think it came out the best because I took the most time on it. And No, he is not nude under there, hes just wearing very skimpy under wear. Everyone at the even thought he was naked.

This one also came out pretty well, it was the second one I made. He has it on a little crooked, and i probly should have not made the slit so wide. I didn't bother  hemming the bottoms because these were going to get very very destroyed and I anticipated them possibly getting thrown out (which they didn't), so I didn't want to put too much effort into them. I plan on making them again, but much much nicer and with a lot more effort so it is something to be kept and cherished and not be trampled through the gorges at Tough Mudder.  By the end of the even the bottoms were very tattered. I hope to get some pictures of the ends soon and make another post about it.
As for working with flannel material, it is the best material I have ever worked with. I'm not sure why but it has been the easiest to sew, the easiest to cut, and the easiest to rip the seams if I make a mistake.

I ♥ flannel.