Monday, May 7, 2012

Bracing up

A while back we found this tutorial on how to make craft foam armor: Penwiper's Craft Foam Tutorial but had not had a direct need to use it. A friend of ours asked us to help him with a last minute costume for renaissance festival. I would have loved to make him an entire outfit, but we didn't have the time. So he bought a fluffy shirt, grabbed some dickies, put on a belt he already owned, and we provided the finishing touch- the bracers.

We made them out of craft foam because its fast, cheap, easy, and would probably only be one time use.

We took our link gauntlets as a model and cut out similarly shaped pieces. It doesn't look that great when they are flattened out like in the image.

But once we shape them over the stove, they start looking much better. We glue them on with regular school glue. I know there is a process to seal them, make them hard, and paint them, but we didn't find that necessary for what we were using them for.

We had no need to paint them because we simply chose the foam in the colors we wanted the gauntlets in.
Once we were happy with the shape, we added grommets and some shoe lace we found off some old dress shoes. and voila!

Our buddy Alex, sporting his new gear.
I would love to hear what you guys think. More posts coming this week hopefully to catch up.

  • Its been a little hard to post because of Nursing school, and making renovations to the house because Marcus moved in with me. XD
  • Also, since we had success with craft foam armor in this instance, we decided we could use it to make Ganondorf. Preliminary update on that soon to come.
  • Malon is nearly done. I just need to paint the apron. Photo shoot should be coming soon.
  • Renaissance festival headband soon to come
  • I just made a costume for next renfestival, photo shoot coming soon also.

 I hope you enjoyed this.

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