Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pretty in Purple. Malon update #1

 I began making my costume for Malon from The Legend of Zelda, way before I even attempted to make the Link tunic you see in previous posts. I got frustrated with the fabric not falling the way I had imagined. I wanted it fitted at my waist and as ita fell, I wanted it to fall loosley and wave, using only one seam at each side. So now I've been inspired by another cosplayer, I am taking another try at it, but I am completely starting from scratch. When I first started I was obsessed with not having any seams since the video game doesn't feature any seams and neither do any of the cosplayers I admire.
As you probably know, I like to give costumes a more realistic vibe. So I posted a thread on asking how others felt about adding realistic twists to costumes and one of the members whom replied to my thread gave light to the idea that most characters are stylized because of game graphics, with the time it takes to make the game, extremely detailed clothing is unrealistic. This is why I decided to change my mind set when it comes to making Malon's skirt, completely forget about seams and completely start from scratch, new fabric and all. Forgetting about the seams also allows me to get the wave and fall I am looking for.
After a nice lengthy trip to Joann's Fabrics in Plantation, I came up with this. XD

And then I realized that the appliques are BLUE!!!! Ive seen sooo many cosplayers do them purple, I thought they were purple. So I went back and found the most perfect blue fabric for the strips.

All of the fabrics together.

I also made another trip to Daddys Leather Supply in Miami. I got another raw leather strap and used the same dye we used for the Link belts so they match. :} I got that weird vintage belt buckle that I am using as a base for the belt buckle so that the belt functions like a real belt and its stirdy. The blob of leather to the left is being used to cover the buckle. Once I cover up the buckle I am going to put the triforce and its frame over that. The whole point of covering the belt buckle is so that it looks like the belt is showing through behind it like in her picture.

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