Friday, October 21, 2011

Link Ears Mock#1

            As most of you know, I am my boyfriend's little Zelda Cosplay slave.
So this is my first attempt at using latex at all. I tried to find some grease mask paint or some RMG make up but it either wasn't afforable, or wasn't in "people" colors. I settled for some liquid base by loreal in buff beige, a cream/ mouse by CG True blend #415 Natural Ivory, and a CG blush (for the realistic red tones) Instant cheek bones #210 PCH PRF.

Think everything about < that ear came out better. It was the second one I did out of the two.

I used spirit gum to attach the ears. First, I put the ears on him and marked how far the ears came down with a marker. Then I soaked that baby up, tacked it with a sponge brush and held it down with my fingers for about a minute. I let it dry for a few minutes and then touched up some areas that didnt stick so well. The ears weren't originally this shape. The original latex ears hung down over the concha of his ear quite a bit, so I glued them on and trimmed them with cuticle scissors to match the shape of his ears.
I wish I would have taken a before picture of the ears, unattached and unpainted, but I didn't. The ears were very very light and very unrealistic looking. It took me quite some time to get them the right color. I used a q tip to
His natural ear.

 apply the liquid latex at the seams of the ear. I did so over 5 or 6 coats. Next time, I'd like to use a brush and see how that comes out. I think the brush will give it a smoother, more disguised appearance. I'd also like to use a lot less latex next time because it doesn't absorb the make up the same as the latex ear.

Links ears in most of the video game are WAYYYYY bigger than the ones we got. We did this on purpose. We are also trying to mix different links into one. You will see what I am talking about when I post more pictures of the costume. We are going for a more realistic link. Almost like our own interpretation of Link, rather than replicating the actual video game. The ears we are doing are very similar to toon < links ears.

I'm pretty happy with this as my first attempt, let me know what you guys think. Thanks for reading!!! Stay tuned, lots of juicy stuff is on the schedule!


  1. wow, great job on these! i'm sure the rest of his costume is going to be badass! :}